Renegade Labs Inc - Press Release March 27 2008

For Immediate Release

Gray 328|MXE Digital Audio Mixer is Unleashed From Renegade Labs

New comprehensive version 3 software offers USB Register Management, Software Upgrade Capabilities, separate electronics chassis provides cleaner installations, with more efficient engineering / maintenance

GRASS VALLEY, CA. March 27, 2008 — The new Gray 328|MXE digital audio mixer is now released for production shipments. The new version 3 software release for the product brings even more power and flexibility to today's linear edit suite. Taking the successful Gray|328 digital audio mixer to the next level, this new digital audio mixer provides the convenience of keeping a cleaner, more quiet control room, by allowing the audio and sync connections to remain in the machine room.

The Gray 328|MXE utilizes a separate three rack unit audio engine chassis coupled with the proven compact Gray|328 control surface. The audio engine chassis is connected to the remote control panel via a single CAT-5e cable. A maximum cable run length of 100 meters is permitted.

Memory management for saving and recalling set-ups conveniently to USB memory devices makes for quick and easy session work with the Gray 328|MXE. Register management allows for custom register directory naming and the ability to delete registers either locally, from the mixers control surface, or remotely via USB.

The Gray 328|MXE is specifically designed to be operated under edit system control in linear edit suites. This powerful little mixer talks ESAM II protocol via RS-422 to any edit controller. Surround Sound monitoring is a breeze with its 8 channel monitor section. Designed to be familiar to the video editor, the Gray 328|MXE provides a built in preview switcher, where video-centric operation is enhanced by separate rows of push buttons indicating Program or Preset assignment of audio to the eight stereo faders.

"We have had customers tell us they loved our little mixer, but needed the ability to keep the electronics in the machine room," says Keith Knudsen, V.P. of Sales and Marketing. "The separate electronics chassis of the Gray 328|MXE allows for a cleaner and more quiet control room. It also provides greater engineering and maintenance efficiencies in facilities with centralized machine rooms. We now offer our customers the best of both worlds!"

All Renegade audio mixers will accept either analog (line or mic), AES (with or without SRC), and SD/HD SDI inputs. To allow for complete flexibility in meeting the requirements of each specific application, any of the four input module slots can be populated with any combination of these input card options. The base system includes 8 channels of both AES and analog output. An optional output module slot is also included and can be configured with either analog or digital format; AES or an HD/SD SDI embedder.

Version 3 now ships in all Gray 328|MXE mixers. Software upgrades to existing customers are available at no charge from Renegade Labs.

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A leader in audio for video, Renegade Labs designs, manufactures, and sells professional broadcasting equipment worldwide from its facility based in Grass Valley, California. Our 328 and MXE digital audio mixers are the world's smallest eight bus mixers addressing the needs of HD audio for video editing and monitoring. Renegade Labs offers multiple models; for both linear and non-linear applications. All Renegade models accept analog, digital and SD/HD SDI formats.

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