Renegade Labs Inc - Press Release March 24, 2011

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Renegade Labs introduces new Mx Metering System for 328 Series and M16 digital edit suite audio mixers

Fully customizable with VU, PPM or K meter ballistics plus other industry-standard meter scales.

Grass Valley, CA — Renegade Labs has introduced the new Mx Metering System, a high-resolution multichannel add-on for the firm’s series of industry-leading digital edit suite audio mixers. The unit is fully customizable with VU, PPM or K meter ballistics and a wide range of industry-standard meter scales. The Mx Metering System can be panel-mounted to an existing 328 Series or M16 mixer, or rack-mounted in a separate 2RU panel. See the Mx at the NAB Show; Booth C3741.

"Surround metering is straightforward using the built-in surround views available with a single push of a button," Kirk Bradford, Renegade Labs co-founder/president. "Level bars may be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Standard features include peak indication, over indication, phase warning, phase monitoring and DC warning." Different meter "skins" allow for a variety of metering colors; custom configurations can be saved in user registers.

All meter scales use accurate true RMS ballistics, rather than simplified peak or average values. Built-in scales include VU, PPM, Full Scale, BBC, Nordic, EBU and the Katz K scales. An out-of-phase warning indicator can be enabled for any stereo pair. Over-indicators light when the audio level on a channel reaches clipping or a selectable level, and DC Warning indications notify when a high DC level is encountered. Peak Level Bar indicators show the actual peak audio sample values for each channel. The Mx Metering System is capable of either horizontal or vertical display. A 3D Surround field monitor can also be enabled with meters in horizontal or vertical modes. The system is easily configurable, with optical encoders along with soft-buttons.

Mx Metering System

About The Company

Team Renegade enjoyed the benefit of working together for over a decade before creating this new company. As part of the Emmy® Award-winning Graham-Patten Systems team, each of the Renegade founders gained extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building, testing, selling and supporting industry-leading products for the video professional worldwide.

Renegade Labs has taken this experience, applied new technologies, added a keen desire to create products that our customers want and need, and threw in a bit of renegade-styled energy. The result is the creation of a family of high quality products we hope you will rely on for years to come.

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