Renegade Labs Inc - Press Release May 10, 2011

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Renegade Labs enjoying continued sales success in Japan through Totsu International

Presents plaque at NAB Show "in appreciation of long standing relationship" and shipment of 100th digital edit suite audio mixer to Japanese broadcast customer.

Grass Valley, CA — Renegade Labs' long-standing relationship with its Japanese dealer, Totsu International, has resulted in a consistent sales history throughout the country’s broadcast and post-production community, culminating in the sale of more than 100 digital edit suite audio mixers to customers in Tokyo and other cities.

"We truly understand the value of our relationship with distribution partners worldwide," states Keith Knudsen, Renegade Labs co-founder/VP of Sales. "Over the years, we have come to expect more than the standard mutual support from a good many of our partners; it’s just good business. But Totsu International has provided a superior understanding of the technology, user interface and general requirements of the customers they serve and the products they demand."

Recent sales to Japanese broadcasters and post facilities include four M16 Digital Edit Suite Audio Mixer systems to Imagica Shinagawa, plus M16 systems to Asahi Broadcasting, Art Plaza, Techno Max and Studio 38. A pair of M16 upgrades also has been supplied to Imagica and Welt. "These important upgrades consisted of new M16 control panels for existing Gray 328|MXE systems," explains company co-founder/president Kirk Bradford. "They allow our customers to upgrade older systems to the new M16 status and available features – it’s an important upgrade path for many users."

"Even before Renegade Labs' first product introduction," Knudsen continues, "Totsu International had firmly grasped the concept that the future of compact, powerful digital audio mixers for video professionals was coming from a team that formed the creative heart of Graham-Patten Systems. While these high quality audio mixers were still being designed and manufactured by a small company in Grass Valley, CA, that company had a new name: Renegade Labs."

"Effectively, Totsu’s senior vice-president, Sheen Hosoda, communicated this concept to his customer base such that, with the initial product offering, Renegade and these new audio mixers already had an immediate following. Coupled with the ‘over-the-top’ customer service, Sheen Hosoda and his team have ensured continuing sales success throughout Japan for our Renegade line of digital audio mixers." The majority of broadcasters and facilities in Japan use Sony video edit systems. Around 65% of Renegade Labs’ audio mixers are connected to the newer Plug In Editor (PIE), with the remainder to BVE-2000 and older BE-9100 editors.

"We have a number of linear and seven non-linear editing rooms at our division of Imagica," reports the facility’s Toshihiro Suganuma." Previously, we used Graham-Patten D/ESAM Series digital audio mixers, but we are now replacing those mixers with Renegade Labs Gray|328 mixers. The Gray|328 has similar functions and operation to D/ESAM, and can be controlled by editing systems. We appreciate eight channel outputs, the monitoring mixer and a very small console [surface], which allows us to flexibly design the interior of our editing rooms." Imagica is a full-service production, editing and post production facility.

Totsu Plaque

Pictured at the recent NAB2011 Show in Las Vegas: Renegade Labs co-founder/VP of Sales Keith Knudsen (left) and co-founder/president Kirk Bradford (right) presenting a special plaque to Sheen Hosoda, senior vice-president of Totsu International, in appreciation of a long-standing relationship between the two companies.

The plaque reads: "In recognition of the 100th audio mixer shipped to your customers in Japan, we offer our sincere gratitude for your professional support and friendship. The 100th Renegade audio mixer: M16, serial number 010 shipped on 24 January, 2011 for Asahi Broadcasting."

About The Company

Team Renegade enjoyed the benefit of working together for over a decade before creating this new company. As part of the Emmy® Award-winning Graham-Patten Systems team, each of the Renegade founders gained extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building, testing, selling and supporting industry-leading products for the video professional worldwide.

Renegade Labs has taken this experience, applied new technologies, added a keen desire to create products that our customers want and need, and threw in a bit of renegade-styled energy. The result is the creation of a family of high quality products we hope you will rely on for years to come.

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