Renegade Labs Inc - Press Release March 08, 2013

For Immediate Release

Renegade Labs releases new Loudness Measurement Software for the 328 Series of Digital Audio Mixers

Renegade Labs has released new loudness measurement software for the 328 Series of Digital Audio Mixers. Users can now quickly and easily measure the audio loudness level and the peak level for loudness compliance in real-time using the ITU-R BS.1770-2 gated algorithm. The loudness level and peak level are displayed on the mixer's Meter View along with a Play/Pause/Reset button for controlling the loudness operations. A new Loudness Menu allows for the loudness measurement to follow the mixer's Monitor Mode or custom configurations can be created.

Loudness Meter

By using the mixer's flexible input architecture loudness can be measured on Analog, AES/EBU-format digital, or SD/HD SDI De-embedded audio sources. Since the loudness measurement is performed on the mixer's program buses any combination of inputs can be measured for loudness.

Other new features include in the software release:

  • Updated Fader View — that now shows level readouts along with the ability to adjust the fader's physical position without adjusting the audio level. This allows faders to be easily re-synchronized after register recalls.
  • New Panel Lockouts — allow the pan pots, master fader, and the monitor level to be locked out from the panel for adjustment when absolute unity must be maintained.
  • New System Menu — available on Blue and Gray mixers. The new System Menu improves the UI by now showing the complete menu tree along with your current position making menu selection and navigation much simpler.
  • Surround Sound Stereo Downmix — has been added to the monitor Surround Sound modes. The stereo downmix can feed either monitor outputs 1 and 2 or monitor outputs 7 and 8.
  • PGM OUT/RECORD/SOLO Soft Switch — for Gray and M16 mixers. The soft switch now softly switches between Program Out, Record Returns, and SOLO from both edit system control and from the panel UI.
  • Extended ESAM II Commands — for the Gray and M16 mixers, now allows remote control via the ESAM II serial protocol of machine output routing configurations, machine fader levels, and machine audio delay.
  • Status GUI support — is now available for all 328 series of mixers.
  • Overall UI enhancements — general improvements to the mixer's UI.

The new loudness measurement software now comes standard on all Renegade Digital Audio Mixers and existing customers can upgrade, free of charge, from the software download page.

About The Company

Team Renegade enjoyed the benefit of working together for over a decade before creating this new company. As part of a Emmy® Award—winning team, each of the Renegade founders gained extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building, testing, selling and supporting industry-leading products for the video professional worldwide.

Renegade Labs has taken this experience, applied new technologies, added a keen desire to create products that our customers want and need, and threw in a bit of renegade-styled energy. The result is the creation of a family of high quality products we hope you will rely on for years to come.

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