Renegade Labs Inc - Press Release January 06, 2016

For Immediate Release

Renegade Labs releases new 8-Channel Analog Input Module for the 328 Series of Digital Audio Mixers

Renegade Labs has released its new Model 305 8-channel, line level, analog input module for the 328 Series of Digital Audio Mixers. Using premium-performance 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion, the new module is capable of achieving a dynamic range of over 110dB and THD of less than −100dB. Built-in analog gain trims for each channel allow operating level to be reached with inputs as hot as +14dBu and as low as −13dBu. Input connections are made on two 15-pin D-Sub connectors. A rack-mount external XLR connector bridge is available to aid the installation process.

8-Channel Analog In

By doubling the input capacity over the existing 4-channel analog input module users can now save input slots and additional module costs when more analog inputs are required. "This new 8-channel analog input module is an important step for Renegade Labs as we work towards increasing our mixers input capacity while keeping costs down" explains Keith Knudsen, Vice President of Sales at Renegade Labs. "Customers can now double the analog line input capacity for only a minimal increase in cost over the existing 4-channel module." This new module is perfect for converting analog sources to the mixer's digital output formats including AES/EBU and SD/HD SDI.

The new model 305 8-Channel Analog Input module will be shown at this year's NAB show along with the complete line of input and output modules for the 328 Series of Digital Audio Mixers. A no-cost software upgrade will be required for existing customers to use the new 8-channel analog module.

About The Company

Renegade Labs designs and manufactures professional audio-for-video equipment. Products include a small powerful line of Digital Audio Mixers that have the ability to handle SD/HD SDI Embedding/De-Embedding, AES and Analog audio along with Loudness Measurement and extensive metering systems.

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