Renegade Labs Inc - Press Release April 07, 2014

For Immediate Release

Renegade Labs introduces new Fader Link Software for the 328 Series of Digital Audio Mixers

Renegade Labs introduces new Software for the 328 Series of Digital Audio Mixers that now features Fader Linking. Users can now quickly and easily create a fader link that allows a single master fader to control the level of linked sub-faders. Designed for surround stems where an entire 5.1 mix must be preserved the new fader link allows for level offsets between the master and sub-faders to be maintained through the entire master fader level range.

Main View Fader Link

A special “Program Follow Mode” allows the master fader's PGM button to also control the sub-fader PGM buttons. This is very useful when the entire surround sound stem needs to be toggled off or on.

Another new feature in the software release includes a new Audio Menu that now allows the mixer's analog reference level to be adjusted separately from the mixer's Digital Alignment Level. A new Analog Alignment Level software control allows the mixer's analog reference level to be adjusted from +4dBu — -8dBu.

Audio Menu

With the Analog Alignment Level the mixer's analog inputs and outputs will automatically be adjusted to the reference level without the user needing to “tweak” each analog input and output gain trim separately.

Also included in this new software release is the ability to Save and Recall SDI module settings from normal registers. This allows different SDI group settings to be recalled on a case by case basis without having to enter either the Module or Output Menu to make adjustments.

About The Company

Team Renegade enjoyed the benefit of working together for over a decade before creating this new company. As part of a Emmy® Award—winning team, each of the Renegade founders gained extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building, testing, selling and supporting industry-leading products for the video professional worldwide.

Renegade Labs has taken this experience, applied new technologies, added a keen desire to create products that our customers want and need, and threw in a bit of renegade-styled energy. The result is the creation of a family of high quality products we hope you will rely on for years to come.

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