Renegade Labs - Press Release May 18, 2015

For Immediate Release

Renegade Labs sells 100th M16 Digital Audio Mixer in Japan through Totsu International

Renegade Labs’ continued long-standing relationship with its Japanese dealer, Totsu International, has resulted in a consistent sales history throughout the country’s broadcast and post-production community, culminating in the sale of the 100th M16 Digital Audio Mixer in Japan.

“We truly value of our relationship with Totsu International,” states Kirk Bradford, Renegade Labs Director of Marketing. “they have done an outstanding job in promoting our products and providing post sales service and support.” Totsu International has been Renegade Labs distribution partner in Japan since 2008.

Recent sales to Japanese broadcasters and post facilities include both M16 Digital Audio Mixer and the Gray328 MXE Digital Audio Mixer. Both of the mixers are designed for automated control of audio-for-video in post-production and production applications. The M16 Digital Audio Mixer features a sophisticated 16-fader panel with the stand-alone 3RU 328|MXE chassis. The M16 accepts up to 32 input channels of analog, mic-level, AES-format and SDI de-embedded signals, routing to eight analog and digital AES outputs; additional outputs can be added in either analog, digital AES or SDI-embedded formats.

Totsu Award

Pictured at the recent NAB 2015 Show in Las Vegas: Renegade Labs presenting a special plaque to Sheen Hosoda, Senior Vice President of Totsu International.
The plaque reads:
“In recognition of the 100th M16 Digital Audio Mixer sold in Japan."
"It is with great honor that Renegade Labs, Inc presents this award to Totsu International in appreciation of their long-standing relationship with our company."
“We are grateful for your outstanding partnership, professional support and loyal friendship.”

About The Company

Renegade Labs was founded by a team of Emmy® Award—winning engineers with decades of experience designing, building, testing, selling and supporting industry-leading products for video professionals worldwide.

Renegade Labs has taken this experience, applied new technologies, added a keen desire to create products that our customers want and need, and thrown in a bit of renegade-styled energy. The result is the creation of a family of high quality products we hope you will rely on for years to come.

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