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Blue 328|mxe

The 328 line of audio mixers has distinguished Renegade Labs as a leader in audio for video. These compact mixers seemed to have everything you would need in your edit suite, mobile truck, or Telecine bay. But you told us that we missed something rather important; sometimes you prefer to leave your audio cables and sync connection out of the control room. You often like to leave them in the machine room so the control room is quiet, uncluttered, and much easier to manage in an engineering sense.

We listened, and introduced the 328|MXE. The 328|MXE product line uses the familiar 328 control surface but moves the audio processing to a separate electronics chassis. This solution utilizes the same input flexibility you've come to expect from our current mixers, accepting analog, mic, AES, SD/HD/3G SDI inputs and Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio. The 328|MXE rack-mount engine contains the power supply, DSP processor and audio I/O. Four input module slots and one optional output module slot (for a total of three possible 8 channel outputs) allow for complete flexibility in configuring a system to specifically meet your application requirements.

Easy Installation

MXE Chassis Drawer

Installation of the 328|MXE is straightforward. The 3RU audio engine chassis is rack-mounted, and the power cord is run to the easily-replaced, built-in universal power supply. All I/O connections are accessible on the rear of the chassis. The electronics are housed in a slide-out tray on ball-bearing rack slides, making installation of additional I/O modules simple and quick. A single CAT-5e cable, with a maximum run length of up to 100 meters (328 feet), is all that is needed to connect the control panel to the chassis. The control panel itself uses a separate 'deskwart' universal power supply, and occupies the same diminutive space in the edit suite as the rest of the 328 mixer line.

Upgrading the 328|MXE software in the field is a snap. Upgrades may be copied from the Renegade Labs website to a USBstick, which is then inserted into a USB port on the rear of the control panel. Using the USB menu—a new feature on the 328|MXE mixers—both the panel and the audio chassis can be updated in only a few minutes. The USB menu also allows 328|MXE registers to be saved and recalled on a USBstick, simplifying the configuration of multi-room setups.

Blue or Gray

The 328|MXE comes in both Blue and Gray versions, with the same feature sets found in the Blue|328 and Gray|328 mixers respectively. The Blue 328|MXE is a great addition to NLE edit suites, while the Gray 328|MXE adds the Program/Preset architecture and ESAM II control required for linear edit suite operations. Both versions have the same array of powerful features found throughout the Renegade Labs mixer line: video-centric operation, EQ, delay, dynamics, 8 bus mixing and monitoring, and the high audio quality demanded by video professionals. Download our brochure to view our impressive specifications, and contact your closest Renegade Labs distribution partner to request a demo of this powerful little mixer in whichever trim you prefer.

Features At A Glance

Loudness Measurement with Peak Level
Included as a standard feature using the ITU-R BS.1770-2 gated algorithm
AES and Analog Outputs Standard
Eight channels each for surround and multi-lingual production
Flexible Routing
Any input to any output
8x8 Monitor Matrix
Fully Configurable with Built-in Surround Modes & User Definable Setups
Program Button
Quickly add/remove sources from the output bus
9 Long-throw 100 mm Faders
for Smooth Fades
Master Fader
Quickly Control the Level of All Eight Program Bus Outputs
Pan/Balance Knob
on Each Stereo Fader
1/4" Headphone Jack
Mounted on chassis tray—use for audio monitoring or stereo control room feed
Master Monitor Volume Knob
Large Knob to Quickly Adjust Monitor Output Level
Mute and Solo Buttons
Solo One or More Faders
Unity Indicator
on Each Fader - quick confirmation of precise unity gain
AES and SD/HD Video Sync
Lock to AES audio or NTSC/PAL/HDTV Sync
48kHz, 96kHz or 192kHz Sample Rates
(192kHz on Blue 328|MXE only)
Fader Linking
Allows a single fader to control the level of linked sub-faders
3 band Parametric EQ
Adjustable, with Notch Filters
(48kHz and 96kHz only)
Compressor, Limiter, Expander
(48kHz only)
Audio Delay
Up to 16 video frames at 48kHz for lip sync and video path delay correction
Record Returns
Designate inputs as returns for monitoring conformance without using faders
Configurable Operating Levels
From -20dbFS to -12dBFS in 2dB increments
One-Button Access
Fader/Input Assignment and Configuration
200 Memory Registers
Quickly Save/Recall Panel Snapshots - 16 are accessible with one button press
Four Input Module Slots
Analog, AES Digital or SDI. Choose the configuration that works best in your facility
One Optional Output Module Slot
Analog, AES Digital or SDI. Switchable between Meter, Monitor or Program outputs
USB Storage
Software Updates and Register Storage - Transfer Configurations easily from one system to another
Tone Generator
Built in

Detailed electrical and mechanical specifications are available in the Blue 328|MXE and Gray 328|MXE Product Brochures.
(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

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