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With the increasing prevalence of NLE edit systems, there has been little focus and almost no development of an audio mixer able to handle the new requirements of the linear edit suite for HD. Some existing solutions are still available, but their price, maturity level and physical size get in the way of practicality. To answer this problem, Renegade Labs presents the Gray|328 Digital Audio Mixer.

Edit Audio Like Video

The Gray|328 includes a true Program/Preset bus architecture, with 'On Air' audio selected on the program (From) bus and 'Standby' audio selected on the preset (To) bus. CUT and TRANS buttons allow audio to be cut or transitioned between the two buses in the same way a video switcher transitions between its video sources. The monitor bus on the Gray|328 can monitor either the program outputs, the record returns from the record machine, or one or more input channels using the SOLO bus as a preview switcher. And to handle HD and multi-lingual workloads, all of these buses are fully 8-channel capable.

In addition, the Gray|328 is able to communicate with linear editing systems using the RS-422 ESAM II protocol, making it a truly integrated solution for the linear edit suite. Source selection, preview, and transitions are all driven directly from the EDL allowing for completely hands-off audio mixing. Up to 200 registers storing comprehensive audio mixer states are also accessible via the ESAM II protocol. The addition of Auto-To / Auto-From functionality allows the edit system to access any of the 32 possible inputs, or Tone, without the need to assign inputs to faders in advance.

Gray|328 Linear Edit Suite

Both AES and SD/HD Video sync inputs assure that the Gray|328 audio is synchronous with the rest of the facility, and that edits occur at the time specified by the linear edit controller.

The Gray|328 comes standard with 8 channels each of AES and analog outputs, and accepts the entire family of 328 Input and Output module solutions, including SD/HD/3G SDI and Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio. Four input module slots—each with a capacity of up to eight audio channels—allow the mixer to be tailored for any combination of analog, AES digital, SDI embedded audio sources or Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio. An optional output module slot accepting either an analog, AES digital or SDI embedded audio module is also available for driving meters, a second record deck, or other applications.

Comprehensive Audio Feature Set

The Gray|328 shares the same rich set of audio processing features found in the Blue|328 mixer:

* Loudness Measurement with Peak Level can be used to quickly measure any audio for loudness compliance using the ITU-R BS.1770-2 gated algorithm.

* Each input channel may be equalized and processed individually using the built-in 3-band parametric equalizer and dynamics processor.

* Up to 16 video frames (max at 48kHz) of audio delay is available on each audio input, useful for compensating for the frame buffers often found in modern digital video gear.

* Record returns return a unity gain feed from a record deck to the mixer for quality assurance monitoring without using fader channels.

* Unity indicators by each fader confirm exact unity level settings on audio channels; a Clean Feed mode which bypasses front panel level and effects settings is also provided for Telecine dubbing applications.

* The operating level of the mixer is easily changed to match broadcast or facility specifications.

* Gain trims and phase reversal on each input correct audio level and phase coherence problems on source material.

And, of course, all these features are accompanied by some of the best audio specs in the industry. Download the Gray|328 brochure to view the specifications for yourself, or contact your closest Renegade Labs distribution partner to request a demo of this powerful little mixer.

Features At A Glance

Loudness Measurement with Peak Level
Included as a standard feature using the ITU-R BS.1770-2 gated algorithm
AES and Analog Outputs Standard
Eight channels each for surround and multi-lingual production
Flexible Routing
Any input to any output
8x8 Monitor Matrix
Fully Configurable with Built-in Surround Modes & User Definable Setups
Program/Preset Buses
Add, dissolve and edit audio just like video
Cut & Auto Trans
Dedicated buttons for manual transition control
9 Long-throw 100 mm Faders
for Smooth Fades
Master Fader
Quickly Control the Level of All Eight Program Bus Outputs
Pan/Balance Knob
on Each Stereo Fader
1/4" Headphone Jack
Front Mounted to Monitor Any or All Outputs
Master Monitor Volume Knob
Large Knob to Quickly Adjust Monitor Output Level
Mute and Solo Buttons
Solo One or More Faders
Unity Indicator
on Each Fader - quick confirmation of precise unity gain
AES and SD/HD Video Sync
Lock to AES audio or NTSC/PAL/HDTV Sync
48kHz and 96kHz Sample Rates
Fader Linking
Allows a single fader to control the level of linked sub-faders
3 band Parametric EQ
Adjustable, with Notch Filters
Compressor, Limiter, Expander
(48kHz only)
Audio Delay
Up to 16 video frames at 48kHz for lip sync and video path delay correction
Access all 32 inputs from the Edit System
Record Returns
Designate inputs as returns for monitoring conformance without using faders
One-Button Access
Fader/Input Assignment and Configuration
200 Memory Registers
Quickly Save/Recall Panel Snapshots ‐ 16 are accessible with one button press
Four Input Module Slots
Analog, AES Digital or SDI. Choose the configuration that works best in your facility
One Optional Output Module Slot
Analog, AES Digital or SDI. Switchable between Meter, Monitor or Program outputs
Compact Flash Storage
Software Updates and Register Storage - Transfer Configurations easily from one system to another
Tone Generator
Built in

Detailed electrical and mechanical specifications are available in the Gray|328 Product Brochure.
(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

Gray|328 Rear