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Mx Metering System

Mx Meter Front

The Mx Metering System brings sophisticated metering to the Renegade Labs audio mixer. Fully customizable with VU, PPM or K meter ballistics and a wide range of industry-standard meter scales. All meter scales use accurate true RMS ballistics, not simplified peak or average values.

Surround monitoring is straightforward using the built-in surround views available with a single push of a button.

Available in panel mount or in a separate 2RU panel the Mx Metering System can handle the most demanding metering applications.

Renegade has packed the Mx Metering System with a number of features the video professional will also find invaluable:

* Horizontal/Vertical Display—The level bars may be displayed either vertically or horizontally depending upon your preference.

* Full 8/16 Channel Metering—Meter all program outputs simultaneously in full color.

* Industry Standard Scales—Built-in scales include VU, PPM, Full Scale, BBC, Nordic, EBU, and the Katz K scales.

* Phase Warning—An out-of-phase warning indicator may be optionally enabled for any stereo pair.

* Surround Field Monitoring—Three different surround field presentations showing the spatial orientation of the different channels.

* Peak Level Bars—When enabled, the peak level indicators track the actual peak audio sample values for each channel.

* Over Indicators—Light when the peak audio level on a channel reaches a user-defined clipping level.

* DC Warning—Enabled with the Phase Warning, will light when a high DC level is encountered on a channel.

* User Registers—User setups may be saved and recalled easily from the front panel.

* Configurable Skin—Selection of meter skins allows for unique look of level bars and colors.

Mx Meter 2RU