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DistributorProvince /
Sonotechnique - West Alberta
British Columbia
Northwest Territories
Sonotechnique - Central Manitoba
Sonotechnique - East Labrador
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island


World Map
Audigys Cyprus
Audiopole France & French Territories
Boxer Systems Ireland
Comcon Industries India
Concilium Technologies Southern Africa
Forevertek Taiwan
Regal City Distributing Mexico & South America
Sealander Visions The Netherlands
Gencom Technology Limited Australia
New Zealand
Mediacom Digital Evolution Italy
Protel Norway
Techtel Malaysia
Totsu Japan
Videolab Croatia
Czech Republic
Russian Federation
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Renegade and the Environment

Since the company's conception Renegade Labs has taken environmental issues very seriously. Renegade is committed to being an environmentally sound supplier. We recognize that our actions as individuals and as a company impact the immediate community in which we live and work, but also have an impact in a much larger global sense.

We embrace our social and moral responsibility for participation in global environmental preservation. As a result—even though our equipment falls under current exemption guidelines—it became a corporate goal to achieve compliance with current environmental directives as soon as it was feasible for our fledgling company. The first natural step in that direction was the commitment to become compliant with the European Union "Restriction on Use of Hazardous Substance in Electrical and Electronic Equipment" or "RoHS" Directive. Processes were put in place in early 2006 to monitor the availability of compliant components and processes, as well as the industry position on the reliability of equipment manufactured with these directives in mind.

At Renegade, we are pleased to report that all products manufactured by Renegade Labs Inc., are compliant with the European Union's RoHS lead-free legislation EU Directive 2002/95/EC. The final phase of full compliance with the RoHS directive has been implemented on all products manufactured for shipment from 10 September, 2007.

Our product development staff uses guidelines such as ECMA 341 to ensure that our products are as environmentally sound as we can make them. Renegade will continue to work proactively with industry peers and suppliers to clarify standards and identify compatible technologies and processes to further reduce our environmental impact on this little planet of ours.

What our Customers are Saying

"My time is divided between editing and directing as a staff employee at FedEx. We have several edit suites utilizing Avid, Final Cut Pro and Quantel products. We also have a couple of studios and a satellite network capable of broadcasting 4 different channels almost anywhere in the world.

"We have the Renegade Labs Blue|328 Audio Mixer in 5 Avid Symphony edit suites. We really like the incredible performance and versatility of the product while maintaining a small footprint. I would encourage anyone with audio mixer needs to evaluate Renegade Labs products."

Steve Spakes
Senior Editor/Director
FedEx Services

"In our AVID DS editing suites, the Renegade Blue|328 fits seamlessly into our workflow. The small footprint has afforded us more usable console space. The ease of use and operation including a large variety of monitoring configurations makes it extremely easy for a facility to standardize operations from bay to bay.

Our uses range from monitoring reference audio for final picture conforms, to laying back 5.1 surround mixes supplied in a variety of formats. The Blue|328 makes these jobs simple and is effective in all of our applications.

We think that we found the best solution for our application with the Renegade Blue|328."

Steve Snyder
Engineering Technician
Hollywood, CA

"We have 22 linear editing rooms and 7 Non linear editing rooms at our division of IMAGICA, which I am controlling.

We used to use many D/ESAM, Graham-Patten digital audio mixers for the systems. Now we are replacing those mixers with Renegade Labs Gray328 digital audio mixer. Gray328 has similar functions and operation as D/ESAM, and can be controlled by editing controller. We appreciate 8 channels output & monitoring mixer and a very small console, which allows us to flexibly design interior of editing rooms.

We have started to use Blue328's at Avid editing rooms as well. Our editors are happy to use the mixer because the operation of Blue328 is the same as Gray328. Blue328 is good as a monitoring mixer at NLE system, which we could easily monitor down mixed surround audios.

Gray328 with analog inputs and microphone inputs as well as digital inputs can simplify the system. We don't need any other converters for the mixer inputs. Microphone input of Blue328 is convenient for test voice recordings at NLE room.

IMAGICA is Production, Film Processing & Printing, Film to Video Transfer, Digital Intermediates, Digital & Optical Composite, VFX, CGI, Scanning, Recording, Editing & Sound Services, DVD/BD Authoring & Duplication, Encoding, Digital Cinema, System Integration, Sales Promotion Services, Image Restoration, etc."

Toshihiro Suganuma
Manager of Engineering of Shinagawa Production Center