Renegade Labs Inc - 328 Mixer Capabilities FAQ

Q: Can you mix 8 tracks of audio with this mixer?

A: The Blue|328, Gray|328, and 328|MXE mixers are eight bus mixers that can actively mix 16 input channels. Often when we hear a question like this, it is referring to inputs. All of our current mixers have option slots for four input modules, providing up to 32 possible inputs.

Q: How many inputs come with this mixer?

A: Dependant upon the modules required by the application, the mixer is capable of accepting up to 32 discrete channels of input. The total input capability will decrease if 4-Channel Analog input modules are required. Inputs are completely configurable to your specific application.

Q: Can my edit controller have access to all 32 input channels at once on the Gray|328?

A: On the Gray|328, and the Gray328|MXE the Auto To/From feature allows access to all 32 input channels via edit control.

Q: Is the mixer able to mix 5.1 surround?

A: We believe that most customers will not really want to mess with 5.1 surround during the mixing process. We do believe they want the ability to monitor surround, possibly in varying configurations. The 328 mixers have a full 8 channel monitor bus with three surround modes built into screen selections. Additionally, all 328 mixers give you the ability to set up your own surround monitor mixes and save them to registers.

Q: Is the mixer able to handle both SD and HD audio?

A: We believe that most customers will be referring to SDI inputs in this case. One of the input module options that we offer is the SD/HD SDI de-embedder. This input module accepts both SD and HD SDI signals, and is auto sensing. It handles eight channels (two groups), and can be looped to another SDI card to access all 16 audio channels embedded in the SDI ancillary data stream.

Q: Can I select the group from the SDI stream that I want to work with?

A: Any two of the four groups can be selected on the audio de-embedded from each SDI input module.

Q: How about re-embedding SDI?

A: Sure. The SD/HD Embedder can embed the output of the mixer into any two of the four SDI embedded audio groups while leaving the video and (if desired) remaining audio groups intact.