Renegade Labs Inc - Software Downloads

For each product, refer to the corresponding version release history for the detailed ChangeLog for the software release, and the software installation instructions for the correct installation procedure. Note that only the latest software versions are available on the website. If an earlier version is required please contact the factory.

Important Note

Renegade Labs highly recommends the use of geniune Sandisk™ Compact Flash cards. There are numerous low-quality gray-market and 'clone' cards out there that do not perform well—if at all—in the 328 mixers. Original blister pack Sandisk Ultra™ cards are a good choice. Compact Flash cards with upgrade software are also available at nominal cost directly from the factory.



Blue 328|MXE


Gray 328|MXE


328 Status GUI


Renegade Labs uses embedded OEM processor modules from Technologic Systems running the Technologic version of Linux™ with a few minor changes. In the spirit of the Open Source community and in accordance with the GPL, a tarball of the OS—with changes—is available for download here. (Note: it's a 24MByte compressed tarball.)