Renegade Labs - Press Release September 29, 2016

For Immediate Release

Renegade Labs releases M3G SDI De-Embedding Audio Monitoring System with integrated GUI control

Renegade Labs has released its new M3G SD/HD/3G 8-channel SDI de-embedding audio monitoring system that includes an integrated GUI for control from a PC with initial shipments both domestically and internationally.



The M3G takes SDI audio de-embedding to a whole new level by allowing easy access to monitor any ancillary audio group present in a SMPTE SD/HD/3G SDI video stream. Independent monitor enables give quick access for isolating audio channels and a master audio level allows for level control of multi-channels making it perfect for monitoring surround sound or stereo audio. A 2-channel mode provides the ability to monitor inputs in stereo. The M3G includes auxiliary stereo analog inputs, headphone outputs and an optional output slot that can be configured with analog or digital outputs to drive external meters or additional speakers.



The M3G's GUI connects via USB and allows for simultaneous control of the front panel controls in real time. The GUI additionally allows access to audio delay to compensate for lip-sync issues and various audio alignment settings. The GUI is included with the M3G at no charge.

Stand-out features include:

  • 3G/HD/SD Auto-detect SDI input — with active re-clocked loop-through output
  • Eight professional balanced Analog line-level outputs
  • Optional output module slot — for additional Digital or Analog outputs
  • 8 Video Frames of Audio Delay — are available to fix even the toughest A/V sync issues
  • 8 Non-Volatile Memory registers — for quick Save/Recall of panel snapshots
  • Stereo analog input — to monitor PC or mobile audio sources
  • Integrated GUI — for simultaneous control via a PC
  • Monitor Output Enable buttons — allows for solos of the audio channels
  • Input level indicators and SDI/Group status indication
  • Master Monitor Volume Knob with Unity Indicator
  • Headphone outputs with independent level control

About The Company

Renegade Labs designs and manufactures professional audio-for-video equipment. Products include a small powerful line of Digital Audio Mixers that have the ability to handle Audio-over-IP, SDI Embedding/De-Embedding, AES and Analog audio along with Loudness Measurement and extensive metering options.

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