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Renegade SDI Audio Monitor

Multi-Input / Multi-Channel Audio Monitoring System

M3G-XT Front

The new M3G-XT allows for SDI audio monitoring and adds the ability to also monitor additional audio sources including Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio, SDI, Analog (Mic/Line) or Digital inputs. The M3G-XT allows for easy multi-channel audio monitoring—such as surround sound or multiple-language dialog tracks—to external monitor speakers.

With the ability to accept the complete range of Renegade I/O modules the M3G-XT can be configured for nearly any monitoring application. Add a Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio module and the M3G-XT can monitor both networked audio and the incoming SDI signal while simultaneously sourcing the SDI audio on the Dante™ network. Alternatively, add the new 3G/HD/SD dual-SDI module and gain the ability to monitor up to three SDI sources in one compact solution. The M3G-XT also provides the ability for additional outputs to be added, for example, an AES output module to be added to drive digital monitors or external meters.

The M3G-XT de-embeds the audio from any ancillary audio group present in a SMPTE SD/HD/3G SDI video stream. Up to eight channels of audio from any two groups may be monitored efficiently using the front panel, the remote GUI or automation API. An input select switch allows for monitoring of the SDI or the optional input module.

Audio Monitoring Made Simple

When you need your audio to sound as good as your video looks, the right monitoring system is a must. The transition to 4K and 8K brings with it the need to edit and monitor audio in 6 or more channels. Multi-lingual production, multiple bounce tracks for dialog and effects, conformance editing and other typical video editing operations commonly overwhelm simple monitoring solutions designed primarily for music production.

M3G-XT Application Diagram M3G-XT GUI

Renegade has packed the M3G-XT with a number of other features the video professional will also find invaluable:

* Monitor Knob with Unity Indicator allows for level adjustments of all eight audio monitor outputs simultaneously.

* Headphone Outputs can be used to monitor the audio separate from the main outputs.

* SDI Group Status indicators give indication of which audio groups are active in the incoming SDI stream.

* 3.5mm Stereo Auxiliary Input allows PC or mobile devices to feed the monitors.

* 8 panel snapshot memory registers are available for storing room or show setups.

* Remote Control GUI allows the M3G-XT to be controlled, in real-time, from a PC / Mac OS X / Linux, saving desktop space.

Uncompromising Audio

Clean and vibrant sound is vital in assuring that both clients and operators—and ultimately the home or theatrical consumer—experience the maximum impact from a video production. Renegade strives to deliver nothing but the finest in audio design, using top-of-the-line chipsets and circuits in order to produce the most brilliant audio performances possible. All audio I/O in the M3G-XT is 24-bit, with noise and distortion specs among the best in the industry.

The small and affordably-priced M3G-XT SDI Audio Monitoring System is a perfect fit for video editing suites, OB trucks, QC bays–or any place where SDI audio must be monitored. See the M3G-XT in person at NAB 2017, Booth C3244. Download a brochure, or set up a demo, and experience for yourself the sound of Audio for Video the Renegade way!

Features At A Glance

3G/HD/SD SDI support
Auto-detect SDI input with active re-clocked loop-through SDI output
Eight professional balanced Analog line-level outputs
For surround and multi-lingual production
Optional I/O module slot
Add an additional module including Dante™ Networked Audio I/O, Dual 3G De-Embedder, Analog or Digital Inputs
Optional output module slot
Add additional Digital or Analog outputs using the Output Modules
Audio Delay
Up to 8 video frames for lip sync and video path delay correction
1/4" Headphone Jack
Front mounted with independent level control
3.5mm Stereo Analog Auxiliary Input
Aux inputs can be mixed with SDI audio
Solo-In-Place monitoring
Monitor Output Enable Buttons
Allows for independent monitoring of all audio channels
Master Monitor Volume Knob with Unity Indicator
Large Knob to adjust the overall monitor output level
2-Channel Monitoring Modes
Surround Sound LoRo Downmix, Stereo, or Mono monitoring modes
Channel Mapping
Map any input to any output for custom monitoring setups
LED Indicators
For SDI Group Status and incoming Audio Levels
8 Non-Volatile Memory Registers
Quickly Save/Recall Panel Snapshots
Integrated GUI
Included GUI application allows real-time operation of the M3G-XT. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions are available
USB and RS-232 Remote Control / GPI Triggers
M3G-XT can be controlled remotely via remote panels, custom applications or other studio equipment

Detailed electrical and mechanical specifications are available in the M3G-XT Product Brochure.
(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

M3G-XT Rear

How to save and recall different audio delay values from user registers.

The M3G-XT proudly uses ChibiOS Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), for more information visit: